Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Made in America

Obviously my handmade toys are assembled in my Pennsylvania home, but where do the materials come from you ask? I make every effort to purchase my supplies from a domestic source. All of my felt fruits and veggies are made with Kunin Felt ( www.kuninfelt.com ). This New Hampshire based company makes beautiful fabrics made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. So that toy banana may once have been a bottle of soda! What a creative way to keep trash out of our landfills!

A local furniture store is where I purchase the unfinished product for my mushrooms, pears and other wooden toys. Each are hand painted with a waterbased, non-toxic, acrylic craft paint from Plaid Enterprises, Inc. ( www.plaidonline.com ) based in Georgia.

Thus far my search for American made baskets has been unsuccessful. Like most products these days they adorn little stickers that say "Made in China". So I've decided to sell my toys in repurposed baskets purchased locally that would otherwise end up in the trash. They're still beautiful with lots of life left in them.

The first step in restoring our economy is to buy AMERICAN!

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