Saturday, October 13, 2012

Daniel Brian joins the family

The predictions were many…complete strangers, friends, family and I had them all.  The only one of mine that came true was the baby’s early arrival.  Because my pregnancy weight gain was the least this time around, I thought I was going to have a smaller baby girl.  But instead, last night I gave birth to my biggest baby yet, and am I ever glad he arrived 17 Days Early!  Daniel Brian was born at 8:49 pm on October 12th weighing in at 7lb. 8oz and 19 ¾ in. long (the exact same length as myself and both of my boys at birth)

The birth experience seems to get better with each baby.  Not only was this labor shorter, but I felt surrounded with support yet left to rest and relax as needed.  My first son was born in a hospital and looking back – what a terrible experience.  My last two babies were delivered by midwives at my local birthing center called Birth Care(
just down the road.  Not that last night was a walk in the park, but it was void of the bright lights, noises and the constant bother of hospital staff.

As labor started to progress yesterday afternoon my Doula, Mary Ann from Three Strands Doula came to our home to ease the pain of those mounting contractions.  For my health and the baby’s, I once again decided to forgo the traditional epidural, pitocin, etc. and get through it naturally.  Mary Ann really took the edge off with warm compresses, essential oils and advice on positions.  She involved my husband in the entire process, really empowering him to be a part of the whole process instead of feeling like he couldn’t do anything to help.  I am so thankful for her support and prayers over the past few months.  
Our dear friend Amanda was also there to support Jeremy and I last night. It is amazing how another woman can know exactly what you need when you're not capable of talking, making eye contact or even so much as nod your head. Amanda arrived at the Birth Center soon after we did, but things went fast and I didn't actually see her until after the baby was born. But I knew she was there and it was comforting. May God Bless her during her own journey in motherhood.

 I came home a little after midnight last night and got a pretty good night's rest.  Jeremy picked up the boys this morning from some friend's homes and we made the introductions.  Jonathan and Jason are both pleased with their new baby brother.  Jason was elated that it was a boy because he could call him Megatron.  Jeremy nicely told him that we would call him Daniel, so Jason said "OK, I'll call him Optimus Prime."  A few hours later he asked about the name again and thought that "Uncle Nathan" would be a good name for the baby.  Silly boy!
I praise God for blessing us with another son.  There are men in this world that I would like to change or influence - many in politics, local leadership and even some in my own family, but as much as I want to, I can't.  Yet, God has entrusted these Little Men to me so that perhaps one day the things I teach them can have a positive influcence in our world. 



  1. Hi Dawn,
    You don't know me, but I'm a friend of Ruth's a found your blog via Mary's fb link. . . I couldn't help but keep reading after the beautiful post on Ruth. I too, gave birth to a baby on October 12, 17 days early! ( It was a c-section, due to gestational diabetes complications.) My 5th child and 2nd daughter, Paige Serenity. She weighted 10lbs, 3oz. I had my 3 boys first. They are now 7,5 & 4 and I really love having them all in a row and close! So easy for clothes! Anyway, congratulations on the baby! I mourn the loss of Ruth with you!
    Melissa Stoltzfus melissa5680(at)

  2. WOW! What are the chances of that? I really like the middle name Serenity. That was a possible middle name for my second born, but we had a son - Jason. His name mean "healer". Like others, I miss Ruth a lot, but I thank God for the time He gave me with her. We had so many precious, silly and meaningless conversations that are so special to me now.