Sunday, May 12, 2013

Phoning Heaven

The weeks leading up to Mother’s Day can really stir up one's emotions if your Mom is not a part of your life.  Everywhere you turn there are images of Mother & Daughter necklaces, Grandmothers embracing little ones, handprint cards, flowers...the list goes on.  You might have several siblings, cousins or friends.  But there is only one Mom...and if Mom isn't there, it hurts a little extra today.  
If your Mom is in Heaven wouldn't it be nice if you could pick up the phone and call her today?  What would you say?  I find comfort in writing such thoughts in my journal.  If you can't communicate with your Mother today, why not try writing her a letter?  Tuck it away in a special place and go back to it when you get discouraged as a Mom.  I know that sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the physical needs of my young children.  Do I personally matter to my sons?  If I was replaced with a maid or nanny, would they notice?  When I think about it, they love me more than I'll ever know.  
One day when Motherhood is less demanding I hope to publish a book.  In it will contain poems to encourage those who have lost a loved one.  I don't normally share my poetry online, but I personally know of so many today that deeply grieve the loss of their beloved Mother. 
O, Mother how I miss you,
Since you left the other day.
Each day I wake is disbelief,
That you're in Heaven far away.
Who will I call to talk about,
My hopes and dreams and fears?
Can I be strong just as you were,
And smile through the tears?
My fear is that I will forget,
The sound of your sweet voice.
That hummed and laughed and sang each day,
You found reason to rejoice.
I hope to catch a glimpse of you,
As my children eat ice cream.
When I gaze into the mirror,
Or have a lovely dream. 

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