Monday, October 14, 2013

Indian Summer Memories

It's been a few months since I last collected some thoughts in my blog.  Here are the top three reasons pictured below.  I honestly don't know how so many homeschooling Moms with more children than I have find the time to publish so many fabulous recipes, craft ideas and pictures of their beautifully decorated homes.  The days are many that I'm just trying to keep my head above water.  
The warm weather has lingered these October days.  Indian Summers are such a blessing!  We did our best to get in a few more trips to Dutch Wonderland with our Season Passes.  Daniel spent many of our visits oblivious to his surrounds but he has started to take notice to the many sights and sounds of the park.  He really enjoyed a train ride during our last visit, but his favorite ride is on Jeremy's back.  Daniel does well in his stroller but it doesn't compare to the joy of being close to his Daddy with a better view of his surroundings.         
Daniel is small for his age but quickly learning to better maneuver in his world.  He spends many mornings at our basement sliding glass door playing with the cats and dancing with the curtain.  He longs to be outside each day, so I anticipate having another restless little boy this winter.   

Because Jonathan and Daniel have birthdays just five days apart we celebrated with one party this past weekend. There are eight years between these boys but they enjoy a special connection that's hard to explain but easy to observe.  Their relationship brings such joy to my heart - especially since Jonathan and Jason fight ALL THE TIME!  Jonathan recognizes how great it is for Daniel to have an older brother and he regularly complains at me that he doesn't have a big brother.  He seems to understand that it is impossible for me to do anything about that, but he still brings it up when he's looking for something to be grumpy about. 

Just before Daniel blew out the candle on his whoopie pie he had his first adventure.   Five minutes of freedom.  Five minutes that I could not find him.  Yes, I lost my baby!  I plopped him down in the hallway for a quick stop in the Little Girl's Room.  With so many grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins in the house for the party - I thought he would meet up with one of them.  But Daniel was no where to be found when I asked who had him.  I looked upstairs, downstairs and even outside - everywhere but my bedroom because my door was closed.  Never under estimate the determination of a red head!  Daniel managed to open my bedroom door, close it behind him and headed right for our second bathroom.  When I found him he was grinning from ear to ear with the toilet brush IN HIS MOUTH!  Happy to find him - but Ughhh!  Wanting to kiss him but he was just sucking on the toilet brush like he had just found the world's biggest lollipop.  I wiped his mouth off ceremonially, but really, the damage had been done.  No kisses for him until after he ate his whoopie pie.  

Jonathan turned nine this year.  He has displayed such maturity these past twelve months helping out with the baby, so I thought he could handle the responsibility of a Bow & Arrow set.  It is possibly the best gift I have ever purchased for him - we both think so.  He has already spent many hours with it.  The set came with a bow, three arrows and a quiver.  My favorite feature is the dense foam ball at the end of each arrow.  This means no one gets hurt and the lawn mower won't find the arrows before Jonathan does.  I purchased this gift at  from Etsy. 

Speaking of Etsy...there are only 70 more days until Christmas.  Etsy is a wonderful place to find little treasures for those special people in your life.  If you're not familiar with the site it is a place to buy/sell all things handmade and vintage.  I'm not a fan of the short lived toys that come from China so this is where I go when I want to purchase a quality gift.  Happy Shopping!  Pin It

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