Friday, January 6, 2012

Seeking Purpose in 2012

The first month of the year seems so dull and slow.  The twinkling lights of Christmas give way to melancholy skies and bitter cold.  If not for the hype surrounding New Year’s Resolutions what excitement would there be in January?

You may have given thought to living a healthier lifestyle or conquering a project in 2012; but have you thought to first examine your purpose in life?  It is an age old question that in many ways you have probably already answered for yourself. 
If you’re a woman (men can now skip down to the last paragraph here) you know that your purpose as defined by our culture can be confusing.  Until recently Michele Bachman was running for President, Michelle Dugger is raising 19 children and Michelle Obama supports the highest office in the land.  Is there fulfillment in pursuing a career, raising a family or being supportive?   
While attending college I stumbled upon this interesting read – Woman of Splendor by Linda Weber.  While surrounded by the expectation to wear a business suit, land a job at DuPont and learn the latest that Microsoft had to offer, I took solace in the author’s words
“…a woman’s true splendor comes only from God’s special gifts.” 
Linda writes in depth about the Four Facets of Femininity – Helpmate, Nurturer, Relater and Designer. 
Not all women can pursue a career, give birth to children or have a husband to support in life.  It makes them no less feminine.  They are still a beautiful creation with a God given purpose.  Whether you’re single, married, satisfied with life or frustrated with it all, I think you’ll come away from this book refreshed. 
As promised to the men, here is a book by the author’s husband, Stu Weber, you might enjoy. 
Tender Warrior:  Every Man's Purpose, Every Woman's Dream, Every Child's Hope

Happy New Year

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