Monday, February 20, 2012

Lemon Raspberry Bird Feeder

I’m no scientist but I predict that our mild winter this year will lead to a horrendous bug population this summer.  Just this past weekend I saw swarms of little gnats flying outside my bedroom window; while taking down laundry I saw a mosquito! 
One of many ways to minimize unwanted insects is to make the birds feel welcome on your property.  Birds have exceptional vision and can see colors very well.  Try adding a ribbon of red, orange or pink to your bird feeder.  You could also paint your birdhouse blue or your birdbath yellow. 

Here‘s a little something I do to attract the first birds of the season, which have already started to arrive.  Each summer I make seedless raspberry jam.  I freeze the unwanted seeds in ice cube trays, then store in a plastic bag.  When I’m ready to make a feeder I thaw a couple of cubes and place them within half of a juiced lemon.
Some other ideas are to "glue" bird seed to pinecones with peanut butter or stringing Cheerios and raisins with red yarn.

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