Saturday, February 18, 2012

Remembering Leah ~ 1982-2012

We were lighter than air on the willow’s long branches,

That hung at the end of your drive.

Waiting for the bus to take us to school,

Every morning was new and alive.

We ran past the old tree each afternoon,

Up the hill for hours of play.

Making trails in the woods was so much fun,

We could have done it all day.

Bu t on our list of things to do,

Were Monopoly, Sorry and Twister.

Those rainy days were never dull,

Spent with friends who were more like sisters.

As the sun set on our childhood,

So too came an end to that tree.

And to your house we played in,

But if I close my eyes, I still see.

That place now filled with streets lights,

Was once your yard so vast.

I smile when I think about,

All the memories of the past.

The songs that we would dance to,

As the old record player spun.

We barely knew the words,

Yet to us it was great fun.

Different paths have all been taken,

That have spread us far apart.

But friendships made as children,

Stay always close to your heart. 

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