Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring of Contentment

Yes, technically it is still winter. But like many others across the country we are basking in the glow of an early spring. As global warming becomes reality I think these warm March days will be the new norm and my children will never know a chilly April morning.

As I already prepare for Jonathan's journey into 2nd Grade next year, I am mindful of the importance of teaching him character. One thing that he really struggles with is being content. Jonathan is so quick to whine and fuss, but I was very proud of him one warm and windy day last week. Instead of complaining about the wind or the kite he didn't have, he found some plastic bags for him and his brother to play with. For over an hour they caught the wind, watched the bags fly through the air and chased them as they raced across the yard. It was an afternoon of making the best with what they had, finally something is sinking in!

Looking back over the past year I regret not starting some school during the summer. The heat and humidity were so intense that we were often stuck indoors anyway. I was going to skip a spring break for the sake of getting done early this year. However, I recall having heat waves last May, so we're going to enjoy the outdoors while we can and take a break for at least one week. The boys had so much fun digging in the garden yesterday. Dirt was literally flying and poor Jason caught some down his pants.  Count on Mom to catch the moment!

It won't be long before we're picking strawberries and watching our new blueberry bushes grow. Did you ever think about the fact that when God created the first people to walk the earth that He placed them in a GARDEN? God could have put them in a beautiful mansion but He knew that the perfect place for them would be Eden. My little patch of ground is far from the beauty of what that first garden must have looked like, but I enjoy it, as I'm sure Adam & Eve enjoyed the home God intended for them.  If only they were content with what they had…

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