Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Life!

It is good to be writing again.  Why the absence?  Our family is growing! We look forward to meeting our third child in October.  Recently my boys and I were able to listen to the heartbeat at my first appointment with the midwife.  What a joy to hear as I am finally starting to surface from the sickness that has been overtaking my days.  Though it wasn't as bad as my first two pregnancies, it was somehow worse - I'm not in my 20’s anymore! This new life has really done a 180 on my energy, appetite and motivation. I've had this love/hate relationship with food - I'm starving, but nothing tastes good. I look forward to gaining my weight back and then some in the weeks ahead. While some women dread the climbing numbers on the scale, I anticipate it. It is the only time in my life that I don't look like Olive Oil.  By six months of pregnancy folks will be asking me how many weeks or days I have left. HA! They don't believe me when I tell them months until my newest arrival.
Jason is waiting to
hear the heartbeat
Complete strangers become experts when a woman is expecting. Without a doubt I’ll be told the gender, the timing of the birth and whether or not this should be my last one.  Looking back I actually put up with some very rude comments over the years.  I was once TOLD within the walls of my church to go on birth control pills soon after becoming engaged. “You’re not going to have as many children as your Mother-in-law, are you?” was some more unsolicited advice. Some Christians can really point the finger of judgment toward the evils of the Pro-Choice movement, yet they seem to have the same wrong attitude toward the blessings of babies. I no longer feel the need to nod and smile at unwelcomed opinions that may come my way. But perhaps I’m “old enough” to make my own decisions now; being a married woman in my twenties didn’t seem to merit me that right.

In other news...I was finally feeling up to a field trip, so our family spent yesterday in Washington D.C. As we boarded the Metro we witnessed a strange sight in the skies. Fortunately one woman seated next to us had read the paper that morning and could tell us what was taking place. Over our head flew the Space Shuttle Discovery riding piggy-back on top of a 747, accompanied by a fighter jet! Cameras quickly emerged from the seats of the Metro to capture the history in the making. If you missed it in the news yesterday, this was the Discovery's final flight before landing at it's final resting place at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum. What a bittersweet moment it must have been for those with ties to NASA. The glory days of the Space Program are over, but this piece of history will be given new life where it can be seen by future generations.

In school I've been using "Answers for Kids Bible Curriculum" by Answers in Genesis. I just love it. Recently we've been learning about Noah's flood. Mass burials took place during this catastrophic event in history, resulting in the numerous fossils found today. Dinosaurs are not millions of years old and walked upon this earth when man did. God says in the Bible that two of every animal were on the ark with Noah; that included Dinosaurs. The curriculum includes lots of visual aids, but how can a creature as massive as a T-Rex be contained to a page? So we spent yesterday getting up close and personal with fossils at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

The exhibits are saturated with the lies of Evolution, but that didn't distract my boys from the wonder of God's creation that were on display. Never before had they seen creatures of such massive proportions! My three year old Jason quickly concluded that if he were a dinosaur he could eat EVERYTHING! That kid loves food.

My favorite display was that of a fossilized beaver in his burrow.  We're told that fossilization takes millions of years.  But how can this scene be maintained for millions of years while the preservation process takes place?  The beaver would decay, the hole would cave in.  Something took this beaver by surprise.  Perhaps the flood of Noah's day?    

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