Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jean Bag Toss

In our house there is no shortage of extra denim material.  My boys wear clothing out faster than they grow.  So rather than toss the material after making yet another pair of cut-off shorts, I decided to put the scraps to good use. 

The cost of this project can fit any budget.  All that is needed is some denim, fabric scraps and some dried beans.  I went online and simply Googled some silhouette images of sea life, print them out, pinned to some felt and cut.  I sewed each creature on a square of denim, sewed on a back, turned inside out, filled with beans, and then hand sewed the opening.  It was so simple. 

At our “Construction Zone” house there is never a shortage of wood.  So I choose a small piece, had some holes cut, spray painted it blue then hand painted the aquatic scenery. We now have a bean bag toss game in our basement to help the time pass this winter.     


  1. Very cute Dawn! You're so creative!

  2. Thanks Angie! I so loved Edy's Valentine gift from Paul. Too cute.